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Sunday, September 19, 2010

chem tip 2

for neutralisation equation, or one that involves titration acid base, use this simple formula

 M1V1 [H] = M2V2 [OH]
where M1 = molarity of acid used, V1 =volume of acid used, [H]= no of hydrogen ion in 1 mole of acid used
 M2 = molarity of alkali  used, V2 =volume of alkali used , [OH]= no of hydroxide ion  in 1 mole of alkali used
for example:

 calculate the concentration of sulphuric acid used when 50 cm3 of the acid neutralized exactly 50 cm3 of 1 mole/dm3 sodium hydroxide solution

so using the formula above,
M1V1 [H] = M2V2 [OH]    so M1 =  M2V2 [OH]  / V1 [H]  = 1x 50 x 1/ 50 x2  = 0.5 mol /dm3

tq .. be glad to share ur ideas

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